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Our Honey Wraps are a double-gussetted PUL cover designed to go over Honey Pot fitted nappies, prefolds or flats.

NEW - Now with internal snaps to attach our snap in inserts (does not include Little Adventures Collection).

Fits from 4-18kg. These covers provide great protection with a deep gusset, a high rise and soft elastic. They are perfect for night time. These are the perfect choice to use over your Honey Pot nappies for day or night use to make them a waterproof solution. They are a generous fit meaning they can fit well on older children who still require a nappy at night.

Each wrap features one of our beautiful Baby Bare printed PUL fabrics.

The covers come with Snaps fixings. If you are wanting a double gusset cover in velcro fastening please see the Peekaboo AI2 cover which is very similar to the Honey Wrap. 

Some great tips for covers:

  • If you have leaks in a day nappy due to a child who is a heavy wetter (or wets all at once flooding their nappy) pop an extra cover over the top to help keep everything in.
  • If you boost a nappy for night use, pop the extra cover over the top to help keep in all the moisture. This is particularly helpful if you find it hard to get a good seal around your child's legs after boosting. 
  • If you use disposables at night, use the cover over the top to help keep in any moisture. Even add some cloth to the outside of the disposable and pop the cover over the top for extra security. 
  • Use the covers for your spare inserts, folded tea towels, or whatever extra absorbency you have. They have a generous gusset so can be boosted as much as needed. 


Customer Reviews

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Bella Fitzsimmons
Great cover

Works great as a night nappy cover. Cute print


best covers!

Completely leak proof and durable, great quality PUL

These are great covers. Initially I purchased thinking they were a pocket nappy yet was glad they weren't as I was wanting as cover to use with my flats. They have a double gusset and keep all poo in wonderfully. The elastics are really nice and soft and would suit babies of all sizes. I have accidentally put one of the covers in a laundromat dryer and the PUL didn't delaminate, I was very impressed! I love the designs too and that's what drew me in to buy them. I have found that they are a bigger fit than other nappies I have, but are very adjustable and I only say that as there is some excess PUL that can make the nappy look a bit saggy. This may also be because I don't use the covers over baby bare inserts.

Querida Pearse
love them!

Cute designs! My sister-in-law introduced me to these and I am so greatful! I love that I can put whatever inserts in them, bulk them out for night nappies or a thinner insert for the day time. These are a great tool to help with EC .

Best covers out there!

I’ve put four kids through cloth nappies and tried lots of different brands but I just keep coming back for more Honey Wrap Covers! They are so generous in size and so adjustable so I don’t have to get new wraps as my kids grow. The double gussets catch everything. We have NEVER had a blowout or leak with these wraps. And the prints are always so gorgeous too.