• $40.00

 Whilst our One size fits most nappies will fit a baby from about 3.5kg, they can be quite bulky. Some parents choose to get a set of newborn nappies. This pack can help you find the best fit for your newborn baby. 

This pack includes:

  • 1 Baby Bare Fitted Newborn Honey Pot Nappy
  • 1 Baby Bare Velcro Newborn size Cover
  • 1 Peekaboo Booster (just in case!)
  • 1 Newborn Bamboo Terry Trifold Insert
  • 1 CJ's Butter Sample to prevent rashes
  • 1 Cloth Wipe

Only $40

Total Value over $70

More information about the nappies:

In our experience, the best newborn nappies are an all in one or a fitted with a cover. 

An all in one is very easy to use, there is no thinking involved (very important when you are tired and changing a baby in the middle of the night). Our Pikapu Newborn nappy is all one piece, easy to use, no assembly, fast drying and features double gussets to help contain the famous poosplosions of a newborn baby.

Fitted nappies are very absorbent, soft and can be used with or without a cover (they are only waterproof with a cover). Fitted nappies with covers offer great protection against leakage as they are very absorbent, and have the extra layer over the top to contain anything that escapes the first nappy.

The velcro cover can also be used alone with the trifold insert for very small newborns - the covers fit from 2-6.5kg.


    1. We will send you a range of prints and colours, unfortunately we cannot guarantee any preferenes. This package has been pre-packed and can include a variety of colours and prints. Please choose boy, girl or neutral to help us send you the best fit for your child. 
    2. Limited to one trial pack per family/household/address due to the heavily discount on these packs - not to be purchased with any other Trial Pack. If more than one is purchased at any time, the 2nd pack will automatically be refunded.