PEEKABOO - Full Time Budget Pack

  • $249.00

If you want to do cloth nappies on a budget - this is the pack for you. 

Simply re-use your covers with clean inserts. Covers dry very quickly, so rotating between 2 a day and washing every second day will give you enough for full time use. As you progress with cloth nappies you can always add more covers/inserts if you feel you need them. 

The trifolds are 450GSM bamboo fleece with 1 stay dry layer. You can use these covers to make night nappies, simply add a second trifold, boosters or other absorbent material as needed.

Covers are PUL lined so can be wiped clean or simply air them between uses (rotate two covers, use one while the other airs, then swap). 

This pack includes:

  • 5 OSFM Velcro Covers
  • 20 Peekaboo Trifold inserts

Optional extras:

  • Boosters 4 Pack $15
  • Large wet bag $10
  • 4 Boosters & large wet bag $25