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Please note - slightly small waist size

Small will fit a small sized 2 year old or younger showing signs of toilet training.


One of our sell out products. They never last long on the shelves!

PUL training pants. Lined with a layer of bamboo terry against the skin and fast drying microfibre through the wet zone. They can also be boosted to add absorbency. 

These are designed to catch a wee and then be changed. Your child should feel wet to understand the aim of toilet training. 

Pants come in 2 sizes - Small & Medium.

Small should fit early toilet trainers with skinny thighs or try boosting for walkers as a pull up. 
Medium is designed to fit an average sized 2 year old. 

We recommend trying one pair before ordering multiples - Training Pants are not returnable as they are underwear

The range of boosters gives you good options for naps, out and about, at home or preschool. Try with a night booster for night time, a Pikapu booster for a trim booster or invisible insert for more boosting.

Tips and Notes:

  • Pants are designed to catch one wee. Not to substitute a nappy as they have less absorbency (if you boost them they will of course last longer).
  • Pants are easy to pull up and down, getting little ones to get used to independent toileting. 
  • Size up in pants where you are unsure. Being a little bigger helps them be easier to pull up and down and increases the absorbency.
  • Grab a couple of boosters to experiment with how much absorbency your little one needs.
  • Turn inside out to dry (they will dry quicker)

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