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Starring stunning outer fabrics, plenty of absorbency and just one piece with no assembly, our All in One (AIO) style modern cloth nappy is a popular option for busy parents wanting to use cloth nappies. 


  • Waterproof PUL or Minky outer in a range of stunning prints.
  • Microsuede lining to keep your little one feeling dry.
  • Three rows of adjustable snaps, allowing it to fit from 3.5kg-16kg approximately.
  • No assembly with all pieces sewn in.
  • This nappy teams a thirsty pad of sewn in, fast drying microfibre with a 3 layer bamboo 'flap' that folds out for easy drying.
  • For newborns, fold the flap into the bottom, or fold over at the top to have a great fit from birth to toilet training.

PLEASE NOTE: In this collection the following prints are Minky - All 5 Carnival Collection prints, King of the Jungle, Mystic Monstera, Rainbow Rain, Wildflowers. All other prints are PUL.

 Check out our demonstration video here ⬇️

Our optional tri-fold night booster which can be used to convert the Bare Cub into a brilliant overnight nappy.

The tabs have three snaps to stop wing droop. The nappy is a trim fit so it fits perfectly under clothes. Learn more about fitting here.


If you'd like help comparing the difference between our different styles of cloth nappies we have a video demonstration available which will show each nappy visually and help you see the benefits of each style!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love the colours

These are the best and only aio nappies that we buy and recommend. We love all the carnival watercolours they are perfect for boys and girls and super soft minky

Katrina C.
Great prints, Quick and easy to use AIO style

We wanted to use cloth nappies with our baby, but after being totally confused by all the different styles and brands of cloth nappies, I came across Baby Bare AIOs. I loved the fact that they were all in one piece (no countless hours of stuffing involved!!! :D ). This makes washing day soooo much easier for me and it is quick and easy to change his nappy. My hubby and parents really like these nappies too. I think these nappies are a good price, and of course I absolutely love all the pretty prints and designs!

Amazing… easy to use and so adorable

The Bare cub AIO are our favourite they are so easy to use for all the family (dads and grandparents especially, great fit, soft luxury fabrics and quick and easy to clean, no need to stuff or prepare just wash and reuse, making cloth nappies that little bit easier and less time consuming. The natural bamboo fibres make them super absorbent we have never had any leaks or blow outs and we’ve definitely seen some pooneamis that would have resulted in a full change and bath in any disposable out there. Great product, beautiful designs and making caring for our planet just that little bit easier. Thank you Baby Bare xxx

Easy and absorbent

Great easy nappy, even with the absorbency the nappy dries quickly on the line and has the same great fit as the AI2

Dominique Gohr
Bare cubs are the best

We love all our babies cub nappies. They're an excellent trim fit, and easy to get a good fit no matter the age or size of the baby. We have been using them on my daughter since approx 8 weeks when she was a tiny skinny thing, to a now 14kg chubby 2 year old!