Birdseye Flats

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Our Birdseye Flats won Silver for Best Flat Nappy Award in the 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards!

For a limited time you can add 1 cover for $5 or 2 covers for $8 when buying your flats. You can leave a preference for your cover in the comments at check out. Where no preference is left you will be sent a gender neutral cover in velcro. Covers are OSFM Honey Wrap covers as seen here. 

These Birds Eye Cotton Flats are made from super thirsty cotton. They measure approximately 70cm × 70cm. They are soft and very absorbent. Each Flat weighs approximately 80 grams.

These can be used with a pin or snappi and with or without a cover. A cover is recommended for use under clothes or for sleeps as there is no waterproof element to these flats.

This style of nappying results in a trim fit and a very breathable nappy. It can be customised for your child depending on the fold you choose and their needs. You can double up the flats to achieve more absorbency. You can also use these folded up in modern cloth nappies for great fast drying absorbency.

The benefits of using Birds Eye Flats include:

  • Care of your cotton flats is very simple. They can be more hardy than other cloth nappies as they are 100% cotton.
  • They dry extremely quickly making them a great winter option.
  • They are a very affordable way to start using cloth nappies.
  • They can be folded and used to boost modern cloth nappies.
  • They can be used as a cheaper alternative to extra insert sets and fit into all Baby Bare nappy covers.
  • The nappy is very breathable.

Nappies come in a pack of 6, packaged in a pull string bag. Each flat features a genuine Baby Bare stamp.