Clearance Nappies

Clearance Nappies

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Our clearance nappies include old prints and may include some seconds products (see below). 

Clearance nappies are subject to a 3 month warranty. 

Please see the relevant product page for more information about each style of nappy. When ordering please note:

AI2 is our All in two Bare Cub Nappy.

AIO is our All in One Bare Cub Nappy.

Teddy is our Teddy nappy in bamboo. 

Some images are to demonstrate the print ONLY. Please note the style you are choosing from the drop down menu. 


All clearance nappies are old prints but sometimes they might have a slight washable mark on them, the print placement isn't perfect or a snap might have some discolouration. Stitching may not be perfect, but these cosmetic issues will not affect the use of any nappy. Essentially we are not checking for these small cosmetic imperfections when we pack these nappies for you and we will not replace them if they had a small cosmetic issue as detailed above. The vast majority are perfect stock. We have not identified any issues with the nappies in clearance, we will just not replace them if one of the above issues was to present itself when you received the nappy unless it affects the use of the nappy.

The nappies are structurally fine and they are not faulty.