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These packs feature our OSFM Honey Pots and Honey Wraps/Covers
You may leave preferences for wraps and Honey Pot colours for all packs except the trial pack. Due to the discounted nature of this pack the included items are chosen from excess stock. Where preferences are left we will not contact you to confirm prints. If you'd like specific prints please purchase them separately. 

Trial Pack: (Limit of one pack per person & colours and wrap prints will be sent from excess and old stock).

  • 2 Honey Pots
  • 1 Honey Pot Cover
  • Total $50 Save $17

    Fitted Part Time Pack:

    • 12 Fitted Nappies
    • 4 Covers
    • PUL Wet Bag
    • Total $249 Save $102

    Full Time Fitted Pack:

    • 24 Fitted Nappies
    • 8 Covers
    • PUL Wet Bag
    • Pail Liner
    • CJ's Butter Sample
    • Total $499 Save $215