Grab Bag *Limited to one per person

Grab Bag *Limited to one per person

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Our popular grab bags are back! 

Each grab bag includes $170 of value! Each bag includes at least 4 nappies and a minky wet bag (all your goodies are packaged inside the bag!). They may also include wet bags, change mats, boosters, wipes, breast pads, liners, nappy covers or any items stocked in our store! 

Nappies may be AI2, AIO or Teddy Nappies (a mix of at least two styles). 

Some items in your bag may be seconds, others will be items we are overstocked- Its a lucky dip! 

Please choose boy, girl or neutral bags from the selection and leave the rest to us. You will receive a mix of nappy styles, prints and colours in your bag. We have included a selection of prints that you might receive in your bag, but please note you may receive any print or colour that matches your general gender preference. 

Maximum of 1 bag per customer. Orders of multiple bags will be cancelled.  Items in the bags are not covered by our usual warranty, some items are seconds. There is a limited 3 month warranty on items in these bags. No refunds available on Grab Bags. The product is purchased as is and no exchanges or changes can be made to the contents of a bag.