Little Waves Swim Nappy

Little Waves Swim Nappy

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This is the very last of the stock, and is on clearance. We are not currently getting any more in. So only what is available. 

The swim nappies are made from an outer of spandex. The nappy is then lined with a waterproof lining designed to hold in accidents. The nappies are sized to give a firm fit around the legs and waist.

Please note: Swim nappies are not designed to absorb water (this would weigh your child down as they would absorb as soon as entering a wet area). Nappies are designed to catch solids only.


Nappy sizing

The swim nappy is designed to be baggier to allow for any accidents as well as for the comfort of your baby. The looser fit allows easy changing and helps contain any accidents (both while swimming and when removing the nappy). The important fit aspect for the nappy is having a firm seal at the legs and waist.

Swim Nappy Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L)
waist (cm) 19.5 21 22.5
leg opening (cm) 11 12 13
weight range (kg) 8-12 11-15 13.5-17