Microfibre Teddy Packs

Microfibre Teddy Packs

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Grab 3  Nappies for $30

Each pack comes with a solid colour and two printed nappies as per the image provided. The absorbency is 1 microfibre insert.

The nappies are our side snapping teddy nappy. 

These nappies do not have our usual 6 month warranty. We still guarantee they are fit for purpose but will not replace, for example, for pilling or if an insert snap were to come off, a stitching fault that does not affect use etc (as these will not affect the overall use of the nappy). A very budget friendly way to build your stash! We recommend if microfibre absorbency is not enough for your bub, adding either the invisible booster or the Pikapu booster (both which are trim and will not add bulk to your nappy).