Mixed Nappies Trial Pack

Mixed Nappies Trial Pack

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Lots of parents would like to try a few nappies to get a feel for what they love best before buying a whole set.

We are offering you this amazing deal to try 6 different types of Nappies from two different brands - Pikapu & Baby Bare. Our nappies are amazing quality, great value and well loved in the Aussie market. 

We are so confident that once you try them you will want more! 

Find more information and a video tour of this pack here. 

Each nappy offers a difference. Velcro or snaps? Assembly vs No assembly? Rise Snaps or Side Snapping? You can make sense of all these questions and more with this pack which includes:

Baby Bare Bare Cub AI2 - Snap closure, Bamboo absorbency and rise snaps for size adjustment. 

Baby Bare Bare Cub AIO - Snap Closure, No assembly, Rise Snaps for size adjustment, Bamboo and Microfibre absorbency. 

Baby Bare Teddy (Side Snaps) - Side snapping for size adjustment and closure, Two piece system and bamboo absorbency.

Baby Bare Fitted & Cover - A 100% bamboo fitted nappy that is one size fits most, Super absorbent and soft, can be used with a booster for nights (which we are including for you to try). Also includes a cover to make it waterproof.

Pikapu AIO - The easiest nappy. Velcro closure, bamboo and microfibre absorbency, fast drying, double gussets and front rise snaps for size adjustment. 

Pikapu AI2 - Bamboo absorbency, Velcro closure, double gussets, front rise snaps for size adjustment. 

In Summary you will receive: 

  • 5 OSFM Nappies
  • 1 Fitted Nappy
  • 1 OSFM Velcro Cover
  • 1 night booster
  • $50 Voucher for a purchase over $350

All 6 nappies with an included night booster $119 - Value $239.40 

Add a Extra's Trial for $14.95 

  • 2 Minky Cloth Wipes
  • Reuseable liners
  • 1 Pack Breast Pads
  • 1 Invisible Booster
  • CJs Butter Sample


  1. We will send you a range of prints and colours, unfortunately we cannot guarantee any preferences. This package has been pre-packed and can include a variety of colours and prints. Please choose boy, girl or neutral to help us send you the best fit for your child. 
  2. Your $50 voucher will be to Baby Bare online. If you would like to use it at our Pikapu website please contact us and we can transfer it for you. The voucher is not transferable to another person. It can only be used to purchase nappies for the original trial recipient and we will only process your order to ship it to the same name and address as the original trial. The voucher is valid for 60 days from the time of purchase. If you are expecting please contact us for assistance in extending your voucher.
  3. Baby Bare nappies will be a mix of PUL and Minky. Pikapu Nappies are only available in PUL.  
  4. Trials are limited to one per customer. Due to the highly discounted nature repeat orders will be cancelled.