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CLEARANCE SALE - Discontinued Product

Peekaboo by Baby Bare - The Easy Nappy!

Our Peekaboo AI2 features a new insert with a suede cloth top (V2 January 2020) giving it a stay dry lining option. If you'd like bamboo against your baby you can still fold the stay dry layer away from your baby.  


    • Free mini wet bag with every nappy when matching print is available. No further discounts if bag is not available. Please see below for sold out prints.
    • Double gusseted cover with a snap in trifold.
    • The trifold is made from two layers of 450GSM bamboo making it super absorbent. Fold in three for 6 layers of coverage. Each trifold has a stay dry layer panel.
    • Trifolds can be changed and the cover reused when not soiled from previous use. 
    • Easy to assemble with a single insert and cover.
    • Velcro closure, and snap adjustment in the rise of the nappy to ensure a good fit at all ages.
    • Fully lined cover, no laminate against your baby.
    • Each nappy is designed to fit from approx 4 - 18kg.
    • The cover of this nappy can be used separately for flats, fitted or over other nappies.

We recommend the Peekaboo newborn nappies for babies smaller than this size. As each baby is different in proportions the size is a guide only and may fit on a lower weight or higher weight baby.

The double gusset on these covers make the nappies perfect for extra boosting or as a night nappy cover. For night times consider adding a second trifold or other boosters.

Fitting tips for the inserts

Please note that the trifold will shrink down to the smallest size once washed. It can be pulled when wet to stretch it out again as your baby grows. If the trifold is too large for your baby on the smallest snap setting, it can be folded down in the front or placed in the nappy folded, so the shortest side runs the length of the nappy.

COVER ONLY OPTION - This does not include the insert or wet bag.

ESMERELDA PRINT - No bag is available for this nappy.

BLOSSOM PRINT - No bag is available for this nappy.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mikaela Oberg
Love these nappies

Second time buying these, love them so much. Both the peekaboo AiO and AI2 are staples in my stash. Easy to boost when needed and super absorbent. They also dry so quickly. The current prints are just gorgeous too, so vibrant in real life. Wish they weren’t being discontinued but what amazing prices!!

Pretty great!

Really great nappy for the price. We found it fits well and doesn’t leak (so far). Have knocked a star off as I’m not personally too much a fan of the Velcro and the large fold over flap at the back (inside) is a little excessive and sits too far down over the insert. Great nappy overall though. Would still definitely recommend them over a lot of the bigger ‘designer’ brands which are overpriced and still leak! Bonus with these is you can snap in other inserts from other nappies too👌🏼

Best MCN I've bought yet!

I bought these last week as I've been having issues with boosting other nappies enough for my son who is a heavy wetter and let me just say, these are amazing! I've been searching for a good double gusseted nappy and these are such an amazing fit. I have a wriggly 2yo so the Velcro is very handy rather then fiddling with snaps. I have even been able to boost these for night time, but the tri fold alone will last him 4 & 1/2 hours which is insane compared to our usual 2 hour changes with other brands. I'll be buying more before they are completely discontinued because I truly have not found anything else as good! Thank you baby bare!
I will add that these as a cover alone are so so compatible with just about every other brand of insert/booster out there. I have 5 other brands as well as hemp muslin cloths and standard Terry towling and they all fit perfectly within the cover without any bulkiness or gaping.

A winner!

We tried several cloth nappy styles and brands and have settled on these as the best, leak-proof nappy covers. We bought three initially and then went back and bought another four! Velcro makes everything easy to put on and adjust, and the double elastic keeps anything from spilling out.
We use a different brand for the inserts so cannot comment on how well these covers go with the Peekaboo inserts

Love the trifold though poor fit with the peekaboo cover

I’m very impressed with the quality of the inserts which seems should hold a lot of liquid . Unfortunately the design does not seem to currently work on my 3 month old daughter , We seem to have leeks out the back of the nappy as the insert sits too low down the cover and is also covered by the rear panel / guard. I’m also unsure about the design of this nappy as this rear waterproof/PUL guard sits on top of the trifold and against baby’s skin and seems to be causing leaks for us. As my baby spends much of her time lying down, this design doesn’t seem to work though might be better suited when she is more mobile and not napping !