Peekaboo AIO

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CLEARANCE - Discontinued Product

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Peekaboo by Baby Bare - the Easy Nappy! 

Our famous double gusseted, easy to use, one size cloth nappy!

Each nappy comes packed in its own mini wet bag.

Peekaboo - everything you want in a nappy!


Quick to dry the nappy features absorbent yet fast drying materials

Absorbent nappy lasting up to 4 hours.

Easy to fasten with velcro so you can always get the perfect fit! 

Double Gussets to prevent leakage.

Soft Elastic for a comfortable fit.

Beautiful colours and prints 

Australian Owned and Designed

You can boost your nappies with any booster or grab a pack of Peekaboo bamboo boosters to get longer out of each nappy.

RRP $29.95


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing, please don't discontinue!

We've been using pocket nappies for our 2 kids for a few years, but I recently wanted to start using some all-in-ones to reduce all my stuffing time. I found these, but so sad to see they are discontinued, they are the best by far! PLEASE keep making them.

Nazatul Asyikien MS
Underestimate the Pekaboo AIO because of its microfibre

At first i bought these Peekabo AIO just for its Beautiful prints/artworks, and the simplicity of velcro & AIO one-piece system,on clearance price. But i have doubt, that the microfibre willl leak terribly.

However,i was surprised when the combination of super-quick absorbing microfibre and the double gusset,and just a double layers of bamboo flap,can hold about 3 hours without a leak. The key is the double gusset(to contain the gushing flood)! and bamboo to hold the liquid from the compression. So by adding the small Peekaboo booster,i believe it can last longer about 4-5hours.

So, i tried to pair it with Peekaboo booster + my own hemp booster,and surprisingly this can become a night diaper longer than 12hours without a leak!! no leak at all! even after only 2washes! but yes it soaked but still stay dry of course.

and the fitting is great too! since the velcro was stitched a little lower,the front panel wont fold down for the velcro strip to scratch baby's tummy. the trimness just nice,and not too bulky. (of course fluffier than 100% natural fibre nappy,but trimmer than 100% microfibre nappy for sure)
for nightime i unsnapped a row to add the boosters.

These should be great for quick night time changing/for grandparents/nursery/other caregiver.

i would stitch the Peekaboo booster under the flap if need to send these to other caregiver just in case,for a easier & longer usage.

My daughter is 13month old,outgrown the absorbancy of Grovia AIO/Smartbottoms AIO/Blueberry simplex. need to add booster in all AIO. otherwise will leak in 2hours sometimes less.

I wish the new version of Pekaboo will come out in 100% bamboo for trimmer and more natural option.

i think if 2 layers of bamboo sewn-in soaker and 3layers bamboo flap will dry easily & rather quick even indoor. just add pocket behind for quicker drying time! 😘

Lauren Evans

These are my favourite nappies! Very adsorbent, comfortable for bub, great fit and easy to use! Wish they weren't being discontinued!

lili andrews
Please don't discontinue

Love these nappies, have stocked up for future children as I am devastated that this line is planned to be discontinued. Please reconsider and make this mumma day xx

Aileen Ripper