Puddles Mat

Puddles Mat

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As a parent, you are constantly changing nappies. If you worry about putting your baby down on a public change table or bench, or stress about a potentially messy nappy change, you need one of our change mats. These can be used on your change table at home or as a portable change mat. You can even use them as a safe space to pop your child on the floor, grass or as a waterproof layer on carpet or in your pram.

Our new absorbent change mats are perfect for nappy free time, or for any time you want an absorbent, waterproof mat for your child. Lay the mat down under baby in the pram, bouncer or swing to catch any unexpected messes and protect the surface underneath. They can then be used as a normal change mat whether at home or out and about.

Each mat features a smooth waterproof PUL side in an exclusive Baby Bare print design, a bamboo terry side which is soft and absorbent.

Puddle mat dimensions: 48cm × 75cm