Rainbow AI2 and AIO Colours

Rainbow Packs

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Enjoy a bargain on our solid colour nappies! 

All nappies come with bamboo inserts. You can find out more information about each style on the relevant product page for the Bare Cub or Teddy Nappies. Please note these are only available in MINKY.

Please note: Nappies come as a pack (as described below) and no substitutes can be made for other colours or prints.

Nappies as low as $14.21 each - RRP $28

Bare Cub AIO & AI2

Rainbow (14 Nappies) $199

Puff Pink, Popping Pink, Lavender, Violet, Blue Bare, Moon Blue, Island Waters Blue, Baby Turquoise, Emerald, Lime, Buttercup Yellow, Orange Sherbet, Red and Coral

Girl (7 Nappies) $110

Buttercup Yellow, Coral, Pink Puff, Popping Pink, Violet, Lavender and Island Waters Blue. 

Boy (7 nappies) $110

Buttercup Yellow, Lime, Baby Turquoise, Emerald, Blue Bare, Moon Blue and Island Waters Blue.

Neutral (7 Nappies) $110

Red, Orange Sherbet, Buttercup Yellow, Lime, Emerald, Baby Turquoise and Island Waters Blue

Teddy Side Snap Nappies

Rainbow (10 Nappies) $149

Ice Blue, Blue Moon, Lime, Buttercup Yellow, Orange Sherbert, Red, Violet, Lavender, Popping Pink, Pink Puff

Girl (7 nappies) $110

Puff Pink, Lavender, Violet, Red, Buttercup Yellow, Orange Sherbet and Popping Pink

Boy/Neutral (7 nappies) $110

 Red, Polar Bear, Ice Blue, Moon Blue, Lime, Buttercup Yellow and Orange Sherbet.