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Our fabulous bags are two bags in one! The two bags snap together and can be used together or apart. The bag has either a waterproof minky or PUL (each print is marked whether it is PUL or Minky) outer and an additional PUL lining to keep everything dry (making them double lined, a unique Baby Bare feature).

They are great for cloth nappies and accessories, since their two pockets allow you to have a clean and dirty nappies separate. Alternatively, you may want one pocket for nappies and the second for your wipes, creams, and change mat.

The bag has two looped handles to allow you to hang it from your pram. The two loops join together to make a great handle for easy carrying. 

The bag can be used to store changes of clothes, your baby food, swimming lessons, library bag or anything else—wet or dry. These bags are incredibly useful and they match your baby’s nappies.

Size: The larger bag measures 35cm × 40cm, the smaller front bag measures 20cm × 30cm. It easily fits 8‐10 nappies.

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RRP $24.95

Customer Reviews

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Deanna Jones
Construction wet bag

Love this bag and really like it’s size. Great for cloth nappies with my baby and toilet training with my toddler. Will definitely be buying more. Boy mum here, only wish there was one with a dinosaur print xx

Pip Kees
Spacious and Beautiful

The cave wet bags are my new favourite. The luna pattern is BEAUTIFUL and the shape and long side zip makes these super roomy and easy to see what is packed. I have used them for nappies, but also a mornings outing (nappy, morning tea, drink bottle, hat, sweater). The thick dome strap is easy to attach to a pram handle or sling over your wrist. Highly recommend.

So pretty

Such a great size bag, big enough for a full day out and it looks so pretty.

Jacka Rose
Love 'With Love'

I had purchased a double wet bag from baby bare when I had my son a few years ago and loved the value of essentially getting two for the price of one with the removable small bag. The addition of the strap joining the two handles is probably the only thing I would have liked to see on the original design and they've done that now. It made sense then when my bestie had her first baby that I got her one of these beauties to help cart around the many bits and bobs that babies need. I'm giving it to her today and am sure she'll love it!

Gorgeous Quality

The wet bags I received are gorgeous quality and the fabric is so soft and lovely.