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Newborn Cloth Nappies - Baby Bare Cloth Nappies

Newborn Cloth Nappies

Do you need to buy a newborn size of nappies or can you skip straight to OSFM? 
This is a common question. OSFM nappies will fit from about 3.5kg, but they can be bulkier on little babies than a specific newborn size. I generally recommend to buy some newborns and supplement with your OSFM nappies. 

What are the newborn options?

All-In-One: The easiest option. This nappy has no assembly, dries fast and has velcro closure. It's a one piece nappy, and very easy to put on bub. It also has double gussets which are fabulous for newborns. The only drawback is that once the nappy is used you need to wash the whole thing. This can be a more expensive investment, but it's the most convenient and easiest nappy. PLEASE NOTE: This nappy was previously branded Peekaboo but is now a Baby Bare product. It no longer comes in a petite wet bag - mini bags are available to purchase separately.


Cover and Inserts: The most economical system. You can reuse the covers with clean inserts. It requires some assembly with pad folding the trifold insert and putting them in the cover. 

Grab one of our newborn trial packs and try all these options and decide what you love. 

This video is a great guide to the different cloth nappies we offer for newborns.