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Cloth nappy inserts- Soaker Set

  • $13.50
  • $13.50

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For those parents that like to have spare inserts – whether it's to change the insert without changing the shell, or to give you plenty of drying time (inserts take longer than shells to dry) – these are a must have!

Exactly the same piece that you will find inside your AI2 cloth nappy, it has a lovely soft lining designed to wick away moisture and keep your baby feeling dry. They look great too with rainbow stitching (and easily recognisable in the laundry basket as belonging to the Baby Bare Nappies).

  • Hourglass snap-in insert has 3 layers 450GSM bamboo fleece (70/30 bamboo cotton blend) fabric with stay dry suede cloth top layer
  • Rectangle booster 3 layers 450GSM bamboo fleece (70/30 bamboo cotton blend)

Add the booster in addition to your snap in for an extra boost, or for use in your Bare Cub (these nappies require both the snap in and the booster for use).

These pieces are also able be used in the Teddy Bare nappy.

The rectangle booster can be used in any cloth nappy for extra absorbency. 

The snap-in hourglass inserts - $9.50 RRP each.

The rectangle booster - $5.50 RRP each

The soaker sets (booster and snap-in) - $13.50 RRP each.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leaks resolved!

We had been using our Bare Cub OSFM nappies with the soaker sets without issue for a year. Then we encountered leaks! Added an extra rectangular booster to the pocket and problem solved. Highly absorbing and very little bulk added.

Replacement inserts

Bought new soaker sets to replace a bunch that started to fall apart - after heavy use and on the 3rd bum. The fall-apart ones still do a perfectly fine job and will be my winter back ups. I love he ease of the snap-ins and their microfleece top, saves the liners that always bunch up with an active baby/toddler and still keeps bub dry.
I also ordered more rectangle boosters to replace all microfibre inserts of some other brand pocket nappies that otherwise get compression leaks.

Courtney Hopper
Customer for life

I have just replaced my whole stash of microfibre inserts with Baby Bare inserts (hemp + bamboo soaker inserts) and am very impressed. The Baby Bare inserts are much less bulky, have superior construction and absorb and most importantly HOLD more liquid than the microfibre inserts. We no longer have compression leaks!

Sometimes we do get leaks from flooding but this is more so with the new inserts that haven’t been through as many wash cycles and therefore aren’t at peak absorbency yet.

I’ve also switched over to the Baby Bare Sweet Nights night nappies with the Night Teddy insert and Bamboo Trifold Booster and they are fantastic (I’m getting 12 hours out of each nappy with no leaks).

Baby Bare you’ve got a customer for life.

Leah Temple
Great, versatile inserts

We use these inserts in our Bare Cubs as well as our Teddies. They are versatile and thirsty!!