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Insert information and comparison




Snap-In Trifold


Bamboo Fleece 450gsm with stay-dry suede cloth top layer

Fold in to 6 layers to snap in or lay in all Baby Bare nappies. Can be used as a booster for day or night time.
Night Trifold 85g 30x30cm 2 Bamboo Fleece 450gsm N Fold into 6 layers to fit in the nappy. Can be used as a booster for day time or night time.
Invisible Insert 52g 50x9.5cm (16.5 at widest point on end) Bamboo Fleece 450gsm N Can be folded in half or quarters to pad where absorbency is needed.
Teddy Insert 95g 65x10.5cm Bamboo Fleece 450gsm (plus stay dry top layer) Y Folded in half to fit in any nappies (comes standard with the teddy nappy). Can be doubled over through the wet zone to give 6 layers where needed.
Hourglass Insert 62g 30x10cm (narrowest)
30x15cm (widest point at ends)
Bamboo Fleece 450gsm (plus stay dry top layer) Y Comes standard with the Bare Cub AI2 Nappy to be teamed with the rectangle booster.
Rectangle Insert 45g 32x12cm Bamboo Fleece 450gsm N Comes standard with Bare Cub AI2 Nappy (to be teamed with the hourglass). Can be used as an additional booster in other nappies (including the teddy for heavy wetters). Can be folded in half to customise absorbency where needed.
Honey Pot Insert 105g 65x10.5cm 4 (3x bamboo fleece 450GSM + 1 layer bamboo velour top) Y Comes in the Honey Pot Fitted nappy. No stay dry layer on top (suits parents who want bamboo against the skin). Can be used in Bare Cub or Teddy Nappy as a more absorbent insert.

Hemp Insert


67g 37X12.5cm 3 Layers of 55% Hemp & 45% Cotton N These trim inserts pack lots of absorbency without a lot of thickness. They can hold about double their weight in fluid.