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Help me understand where to start...

Help me understand where to start...

If you're a new parent looking to switch to cloth nappies, you might be wondering what to buy and how to make sense of all the nappy offerings. As a mum who has used cloth nappies for my three children, and after seeing what works best for my customers, I understand it can be confusing. I hope the following break down helps to make more sense of the benefits and differences of each nappy style. 

Do you need a newborn specific nappy?

If you plan on using cloth nappies from birth, I recommend getting some newborn-sized nappies, especially if your baby is under 3.5kg. While a one-size nappy will likely fit your baby, it will still be bulky. Consider our Cover and Insert system, which gives you 16 inserts and four covers. These inserts can be used as boosters in your one-size nappies, so you can continue to use them long after your baby grows out of the covers. Alternatively, the All-in-One nappy is a popular choice as it is easy to use and provides a great fit for most babies.

Which one-size nappy should you choose?

We offer a range of trial packs that allow you to try different nappies before investing in a full stash. Our most popular nappy is the Bare Cub AI2, which is versatile, easy to use, and fits most babies well. It provides great absorbency and a trim fit, making it a top choice among cloth nappy users. You can buy extra inserts to get more use out of the covers, which can be cost-effective. I recommend 25-30 cloth nappies for full-time use, and we offer bulk discounts for your convenience.

Why choose an AI2 (Bare Cub)?

The Bare Cub AI2 is trim-fitting and versatile. Parents can buy extra inserts to use in the covers for more changes, and they can customise absorbency by using different inserts. All Baby Bare inserts interchange, and parents can grab the covers they like from the new collection and use their existing inserts.

Why choose an All-in-One nappy?

If you prefer a nappy that requires no assembly, check out the Bare Cub AIO. It has the same great fit as the Bare Cub AI2, but all the absorbency is sewn in for convenience.

Why choose the Teddy Bare Side Snapping Nappy?

The Teddy Bare Side Snapping Nappy allows you to adjust the waist and legs separately, and it is easy to fit thanks to the lack of rise snaps. However, it can be bulky for little babies, as you can't fold away the excess fabric.

What is the Koala Nappy?

The Koala Nappy is a pocket nappy with a large double-ended pocket for easy stuffing and washing. It has wide back elastic for a soft and effective fit, and a double row of waist snaps for adjustable legs and waist. It comes with a trifold and a hemp insert, making it a trim fit and super absorbent. It fits from newborns to toddlers.

Double Gusset Cover?

The Honey Wrap Cover can be used over night nappies, fitted nappies, or flats. You can create your own insert set to fit in this versatile cover which also has snaps at the back to allow you to snap in your favourite inserts for a secure fit.

Fitted Nappies?

Fitted nappies can be popular for heavy wetters or night use. Our Honey Pot is a soft and absorbent option, and our night insert set is ideal for heavy night wetters. Fitted nappies have no waterproof layer so do require a cover. We recommend a double gusseted cover like the Honey Wrap. 

What else should you think about buying?

As a minimalist, I encourage parents to start using their nappies to determine their needs before buying extra inserts, boosters or nappies. However, many parents like to have a couple of wet bags to store their nappies in when out and about. If you plan to use nappies at night, you could add some night nappies from our night nappy collection to try. You may also be interested in our range of bibs, smocks or play mats, so be sure to have a look at how these may benefit you and your family.