Q: Do you offer layby?

A:We offer Zip Pay as an alternative to Layby. Your goods are sent immediately and you can quickly sign up for it through our check out. 

Zip Pay will allow you to have your products shipped as if they had been paid for. Simply choose to check out using this method. 


Q: Can I make changes to an existing order?

A: All orders are final. In the case you need to make a change you can contact us to check if a change can be made. Where possible, we will endeavour to address requested changes. However, orders that ship without changes being made will not be the responsibility of Baby Bare. Please ensure you check your cart prior to payment to ensure you have ordered the correct items and are satisfied with your selections.

Q: How many modern cloth nappies do I need?

A: This depends on many factors, how often you wash, how heavy your child wets a nappy and how often they dirty a nappy.

Generally a cloth nappy lasts the same amount of time as a disposable, 3–4 hours. If it is dirty it should be changed as soon as possible.

I recommend buying about 20–25 nappies. If you have extra money to spend you could add a few more to your collection (maybe over time) which may allow you to wash a little less often. It will also give you a chance to dry nappies properly.

Also remember that your nappies will endure a lot of washing. If they are washed every second day for just two years they will be washed over 350 times. Having a decent supply will ensure the whole set lasts your child till toilet training and possibly for a second baby. Like any product, at some point, no matter what brand of nappy, it will start to deteriorate from the intensive use. Sharing this among a larger collection of nappies will prolong the life of your nappies.

Q: What is your warranty on the products?

A: We offer a six month warranty on all our products. This warranty applies 6 months from the date of purchase. For more details, please see our terms and conditions page.

Q: What are your policies on shipping?

A: Shipping is a flat rate of $8.95 throughout Australia. New Zealand orders have a flat $15 shipping charge.

For more details, please see our terms and conditions page.

Q: What is the policy with lost or delayed parcels?

A: All our shipping is done through Australia Post. Our shipping costs includes insurance to help cover the rare cases where parcel is lost on its way to you. See our shipping and insurance section for more information.

Q: Is Cloth a lot of work?

A: This thought is the main deterrent to families using cloth nappies. It was also my initial thought too. However I have found it is not much more work and when you weigh up the benefits of cloth the small amount of extra work is worth it.

I have found that the only difference in work is hanging the laundry out- with disposables you put the in the nappy bin, you then put the nappy bin in your regular bin. Similarly you put your cloth nappies in the nappy pale, and then into the washing machine. There is no soaking or bleaching.

I usually hang my nappies on a portable clothes horse so I can move them more easily, I also find it easier to hang them in the house at night or early morning before taking them outside. If they have not dried or it is late in the day they can continue to hang in the house or undercover for as long as necessary.

If you can afford it, but a larger collection of nappies which will allow you to wash slightly less or have a break when it rains. I do not recomend however to leave nappies for more then a couple of days without washing them as urine is quite acidic and if you continue to leave them as a regular habit they will not last as long. You will find your fabrics start to degrade over time if you do not wash them soon enough after wear. If you plan to leave the nappies longer between washes give them a quick rinse to dilute the urine before placing them in the nappy pale.

Q: Using Cloth overnight

A: Many parents worry about using a cloth nappy overnight when their child sleeps up to or more then 12 hours. We suggest two options for night use. You can try a Goodnight Teddy from our Teddy range which includes a wide bamboo snake insert and a trifold. Alternatively you can add one of our night boosters to your existing day nappies. We suggest trying this before investing in night nappies as the absorbency may be sufficient for your child. In the event you feel you need more absorbency, we recommend grabbing one of our invisible boosters.

Q: How can the nappy grow for all ages?

A: Our nappy has press studs that allow you to resize the nappy to create a snug fit for a small or large baby. Use the press studs on the Bare Cub in the front to adjust the rise of your nappy. On our Teddy Bare design, simply snap the right size for the legs and waist in order to adjust the size and fit. You can also fold the insert on your 'Teddies' to make the nappy smaller and fit better. Some other nappy companies have sized nappies, S, M, & L. Our nappies adjust to each of these sizes without buying a new nappy as your child grow's. We pride ourselves on the Baby Bare cloth nappy designs which fit really well on small newborn babies and trimly on toddlers.

The nappy should fit your child snuggly and be trim. You may need to experiment with the rise of the nappy to work out how it best fits your child. Our daughter at 12 months no longer needs the nappy snapped down in the front.

Q: Why is cloth becoming so popular?

A: Cloth nappies are not what they used to be. Cloth is an easy and convenient alternative to a disposable nappy. Modern cloth nappies look and attatch like a disposable. Baby Bare nappies have no covers, safety pins or folding and they do not require bleaching or soaking.

Cloth is great on your babies sensitive skin. Many children have allergies or sensitivities to disposable nappies. Changing to cloth can help clear up irritation and prevent nappy rash. Cloth nappies breath and are a more natural alternative to the plastic and chemicals of a disposable.

Some parents use cloth part-time. Mainly when they are home. This is another option for you to consider if you want to use cloth but fall back on disposables for when you go out, travel or want to take a break from the washing.

Q: Do I have to change my baby more regular then in a disposable?

A: The short answer is no. Many parents think that because a disposable can last hours and hours it is ok to leave it on their child. Essentially, just because a nappy may last 8 hours does not mean you should leave it on your child that long.

If your child is not a heavy wetter the nappy may last even longer, but we recomend changing your baby frequently to keep them comfortable and to help protect their skin from irritation that occures when sitting in a wet or dirty nappy too long.

Our nappies will last 4 hours without leaks. They are very absorbent. I have been surprised at how much weight they actually hold in comparison to other brand nappies. You can feel that they are really absorbent when emptying the nappy pale!

Q: Yuck - I have to deal with cleaning a dirty nappy!

A: This was my initial worry too and one that most cloth resistant parents mention. This problem has been solved. You can buy a biodegradable liner for your nappy so that if it is soiled you can easily pick up the insert with the waste and dispose of it. These are relatively inexpensive. Your nappy material will remain clean and not smelly whilst awaiting a wash. You can also wash your liner which is made of bamboo and the cover can be re-used (I only recomend this if he baby has only wet the nappy). Our liners are $5.25 a pack for 50 liners.