• Body Wash/Carcass Cleaner

Body Wash/Carcass Cleaner

  • $22.00

A beautiful moisturising body wash that comes with a foaming pump and in a variety of popular scents. Perfect for washing any part of the body and gentle enough for the littlest family member. The product can also be used as a concentrate for foaming wipes mixture.

If you want to use this product as a foaming spray for cloth wipes, simply grab one of our foamy wipes bottles. Pump 2-3 squirts into the bottle, add distilled water and you have a 150ml solution for your cloth wipes use. Perfect for our and about nappy changes, the change table or cleaning up dirty hands and faces on the go.

Why carcass cleaner?
Created by CJ for use as a body wash and named because her family often jokingly said they "needed to go bathe their filthy carcass", this is a moisturising base combined with a natural soap. It is perfect for cleansing the human body from head-to-toe, as a body wash, facewash, handsoap, or shampoo – and can also be diluted for use as a wipes solution! It comes in a bottle with a foaming pump for dispensing.

More information on each scent can be found here.