• Leaks... They happen at some point or another. Its important to remember that leaks can be addresses quite easily. Here is a few simple steps to troubleshoot your cloth nappy leaks. 1. Is your nappy soaking or dry?A soaking nappy tells you that the nappy has been out wet. More absorbency is neede... View Post
  • Help me start out with cloth nappies...

    We get many emails from new parents to cloth nappies asking what to buy for their new baby. Cloth nappies are mostly personal preference but having cloth nappied my own 3 babies and seen the experiences of my own customers the following is my recommendations.Do I need a newborn specific nappy?If ... View Post
  • Newborn Cloth Nappies

    Do you need to buy a newborn size of nappies or can you skip straight to OSFM? This is a common question. OSFM nappies will fit from about 3.5kg, but they can be bulkier on little babies than a specific newborn size. I generally recommend to buy some newborns and supplement with your OSFM nappies... View Post