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More than just cloth nappies

We are dedicated to creating a better future for our children and yours.

Cloth Nappies: One Size Fits Most Styles

We have a comprehensive range of cloth nappies at Baby Bare. We have made a detailed listing below to help you understand the features of each for our one size nappies. You can find more information about newborn nappies here. All our one size nappies feature:

  • Adjustable fit to last from 3.5-17kg. 
  • High absorbency bamboo fleece, terry or velour fabric that holds double its weight in liquid. 
  • Easy washing up to 60 degrees and inserts can go in the dryer. 
  • Ethical manufacturing.

Bare Cub AI2

Our most popular nappy. This nappy is trim fitting and fits from 3.5-17kg. 
The absorbent inserts snap in and out of the nappy for easy washing. The nappy has a pocket for extra boosting during naps or heavier wetters (we recommend a trifold or extra bamboo rectangle). This nappy adjusts in size using the snaps down the front of the rise. 

Bare Cub AIO

This modern cloth nappy style is the easiest to use. The inserts are sewn into the cover and there is no assembly. Simply wash, dry and reuse. This nappy fits from 3.5-17kg. Adjust the size of the nappy with the snaps down the front of the rise. 

Teddy Bare Side Snapping Nappy
The Side snapping style is popular as it gives the ability to better adjust the nappy around the waist and thighs with a double row of snaps. No rise adjustment is necessary. 


Koala Pocket Cloth Nappy

Our newest addition is a pocket cloth nappy (but with hidden snaps to convert to a snap in nappy). This nappy features a double ended pocket for easy stuffing and removal of inserts. The wide back elastic is soft and makes fitting the nappy easy. Along the waist there is a double row of snaps allowing for adjusting the legs and waist separately. The front rise snaps also adjust and this cloth nappy will fit from 3.5-17kg. Inside the nappy comes with a trifold and hemp insert offering the perfect absorbency. It can be easily boosted for naps.