About the Honey Pot

The Honey Pot Range!

This nappy is a result of many requests for a trim fitting, absorbent fitted nappy that can convert to a night nappy where needed.

Honey Pots need a waterproof cover to ensure they do not wet clothing or bedding. These covers will be joining us late May 2016 as a double gusseted PUL cover, OSFM design. We are really excited as you will then be able to use your gorgeous Baby Bare nappies in a number of different ways. Stay tuned for more information about that!

The honey pot features a snap in insert, that comes out for ease of drying.

It is made of bamboo fleece and topped with a layer of bamboo velour. You can fold the long insert with extra layers in the front where needed for boys or tummy sleepers.

The outer of the nappy features a lining of bamboo fleece, and an outer of bamboo velour.

Is the Honey Pot for you?

  • Fully absorbent nappy that requires a cover, so two stages to each change. Put on the fitted nappy, then do up the cover over the top.
  • Ability to boost with a night booster (and other boosters if necessary) for a night nappy.
  • No synthetic layers in the nappy (if your child is sensitive to synthetic fibres, this is a great option). 
  • When combining the fitted with a cover, you have two layers around the legs for containing messes giving you extra security between changes.
  • Nappy can be worn without a cover for extra breathability (but will not be waterproof).