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More than just cloth nappies

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How to use hanging wetbags

We love our practical accessories and this is another one to the collection.

Our wet bag is 73x42cm. It has two choices of handle use with a sewn double handle to hang or a long handle that can clip on to a towel rack or fixed hanger. Each bag has two layers of PUL fabric making it nice and thick and much better security from leaks.  Nice large sturdy zippers for easy use.

These have so many purposes making them versatile and even giving them a life beyond babies. Just a few ideas:

  • Dirty clothes bag - save space and hang dirty clothes on the back of the bathroom door or bedroom door.
  • Beach/Pool bag. Will carry the wet towels, swimmers and bits and pieces. 
  • Daycare bag for clothes, nappies etc.
  • Dirty nappy pail - pop it in the nursery to collect your cloth nappies through out the days. 
Using the snap handle
Towel racks and solid bars require the handle to be unsnapped, wrapped and resnapped to hold the bag in place. This versatility means you can hang these off almost anything! 
Black Handles
Double handles to carry with or hang. Nice strong handles that you can pop the bag on any hook or handle with minimal effort.