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Bare Cub AIO Bare Cub AI2 Teddy Bare Honey Pot
Sizing 3.5kg-15/16kg 3.5kg-15/16kg 5kg-16kg 4-16kg
Style All one piece All in two (Cover, snap in insert and a booster) All in two (Cover and a single long foldable insert) Fitted nappy. Requires cover for waterproofing.
Absorbency Material Bamboo/Microfibre 100% Bamboo fabrics 100% Bamboo Fabrics
100% Bamboo Fabrics
Stay Dry liner Yes- Microsuede Yes- Microsuede Yes- Microsuede No. Bamboo velour lining.
Easiest to use x
All one piece with no assembly
Trimmest Nappy x
Flexibility in use Least flexible. The absorbency is completely sewn in, so you can not remove it. This can make it bulkier on little babies. Our MOST flexible nappy. You can use just the snap in insert, you can use just the booster (for new babies), You can use both the booster and snap in for larger babies. This nappy has a pocket making it the most suitable for boosting at night times. The absorbency in this nappy is a foldable insert. You can therefore fold the absorbency to be where you need it most. The design of the snaps also allows you to pull the waist in tighter then the legs helping reduce tummy gaping. Fitted can be used with or without a cover (cover needed to make waterproof). On small babies it can be used without the insert. Extra absorbency can easily be added for night use.