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Cloth Nappies- Pocket Nappy Koala - Story Book - 50% OFF

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Our Pocket Cloth Nappies 

Our pocket nappy has all the features you could want - the first release of these nappies sold out in record time!

  • Double sided pocket for easy stuffing
  • Leak guard panel across the tummy to deter top leaks.
  • Double internal gussets. 
  • Adjustable rise snaps to fit from 3.5kg - 17kg. 
  • Wide back elastic for a great seal and softness. 
  • Double waist snaps.
  • Stay dry suede cloth lining.
  • Hidden snaps so the nappy can be converted to a snap-in nappy if using snap-in inserts from other Baby Bare nappies. 

This nappy comes with two inserts  - 1x Bamboo rectangle (3 layers) + 1 x Snap in Trifold Insert.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Nappies

We have been using a different brand of night nappies on my son for the past 12 months. Unfortunately the other brand has not worked well (elastics stretched very quickly and the quality of the nappy was not as good) and we were getting leaks every night.
We have always loved using the Baby Bare AIOs on my son, so when we decided to try a new night nappy we just had to go with Baby Bare again.
We have been putting two Baby Bare trifolds in the Koala Pocket nappy and it has been working perfectly as a night nappy. The nappy seals well around the legs and the double gusset helps to contain the wetness. The stay dry fabric is also super soft. We are so happy that our little boy can have a comfortable nights sleep (and hopefully sleep in a little longer!!!).

Kayla Mackey
Love this Nappy - Versatile Pocket and Clip in Nappy. Great Absorption

I love having this nappy in my collection. I mainly use it as a pocket nappy, which works really well for us, but love the versatility of the shell, that we can cover to a lay in / clip in style nappy. The double gusset is great, I get a great fit with the clip design too.
My bub's first wee of the day always seemed to flood their other nappies and create leaks which is so annoying - but the koala has contained the floods which is amazing (I don't believe I have had any leaks - I left it a few months to write the review to triple check this) - I put this down to the double gusset design, clip up structure and trifold inserts. Awesome nappy to have in our stash.

The best pocket nappy

I tried other brands but the Koala Pocket is my favourite and best MCN. The internal double gussets and double waist snaps mean I get the perfect fit and no angry red marks on baby’s legs. It’s trim, so easy to stuff and the trifold insert dries fast. And the prints are gorgeous. I started using the Koala on my second child and now using on my third child. I’ve swapped most of my nappies to the Koala and we cloth full time. I can’t praise this nappy highly enough.

Love these nappies!

Beautiful prints and a great fit. I just love these nappies for my son. I love how soft they are and the double gussets, and I adore how cute he looks in them. These nappies are definitely worth the wait, even though they were sent super fast!
Thank you so much for the beautiful nappies!

6m post purchase review

Still in love! The Hemp booster has shrunk beautifully and now fits nice and snug. (60degree washes and tumble dry inserts). This has to be the best Baby Bare nappy ever brought out! LOVE IT.