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HELP ME - I can't choose a nappy! - Baby Bare Cloth Nappies

HELP ME - I can't choose a nappy!

Need help choosing the right kind of nappy for you and your baby? It's right here!

We have a large range of nappies to fit all needs. Below is a quick guide/index to help you find what you are after:



Budget Option: The most economical is the trifold and cover pack. Simply reuse the covers and change the inserts. 

Easiest Option: Peekaboo AIO. Velcro closures, no assembly and fast drying. Packs can be found here. 

Heavy Wetter/Fitted: Newborn Honey Pots with Honey Wraps


Easiest Options: Peekaboo AIO or the Bare Cub AIO. No assembly.

Smallest Sizing: Bare Cub AI2 (fits up to 16kg but can remove absorbency and snap down to a very small and trim sizing).

Most popular choice: Bare Cub AI2

Side Snapping: Teddy Bare Side Snaps

Heavy Wetter: Try the Honey Pot Fitted then can then be converted to a night nappy. 

Velcro Closures: Peekaboo Range

Double Gusseted/Large Sized covers: Honey Wrap (snap closure) or Peekaboo AI2 Cover Only (Velcro).



Most absorbency: Honey Pot Fitted Nappies. These can be boosted as much as needed or used on their own.

Teddy Bare Night: Add a wider night insert and a trifold to create a great night nappy using your existing Teddy Covers.