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Newborn Cloth Nappies on a budget - Baby Bare Cloth Nappies

Newborn Cloth Nappies on a budget

Using cloth nappies on a newborn can be a challenge. While most OSFM nappies will fit, they can be quite bulky. At the same time, buying a set of nappies that will only fit for a few months seems like an expensive investment.

With this in mind we have developed our trifold and cover system for newborns. 

For $119 you can 4 covers and 16 inserts giving you 16 nappy changes in newborn size. The inserts dry rather quickly so they can be used constantly. If needed you can add extra inserts for about $5.50 each.

The trifold can be folded to be longer or shorter to better fit in the covers. 

The best thing about this system is those inserts can then be used as boosters in any of you OSFM nappies. You can use them as a general booster or consider substituting the rectangle insert in your Bare Cubs with them. If you are really price conscious you could use two on an older child and not need to buy insert sets at all, just larger covers. 

Ideas for using your trifolds after newborn stage:

  • Add to a OSFM honey pot for night time.
  • Use as an extra booster for a heavy wetter or nap times.
  • Use in our training pants as a booster.
  • Buy Either Bare Cub, Teddy or Honey Wrap covers and use them in these instead of the assigned inserts (You may want to consider microfleece liners).
  • Use as large size wet wipes/face washers.