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Peekaboo - Baby Bare Cloth Nappies


We took over the Pikapu brand in 2016. We felt it was a rage of nappies that offered something completely different to the Baby Bare range. 

Whilst we planned to run them as two separate brands, we have found that the vast majority of orders come through the Baby Bare website and are mixed with Baby Bare products. We have therefore decided to bring the Pikapu products under the same Baby Bare umbrella. 

In doing this we decided the brand needed a redo. An easier to remember name that fits with our Baby Bare branding. We have therefore rebranded this range to be 'Peekaboo'. This was the original name of the brand but named Pikapu for the little voices that couldn't properly pronounce Peekaboo. 

We hope you love the new feel and look logo! 

Our first Peekaboo range will be with us very soon and is focused on nature. Each print is single colour focused, with a couple of prints that meld them all together. We are super excited to bring this print series to life.