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Play Mats - Not just for play!

Play Mats - Not just for play!

Whilst the names suggests a play mat is for play, our mats are actually for everything! Our Baby Bare play mats are easily washable, portable and compact enough to be taken on the go. 

The best thing about our mats is that they will grow with your child. From tummy time as a one week old, to cold mornings on the wet grass at soccer once school aged, these mats will be used for years and years. 

Our play mats are double sided measuring 120cm square. We choose not to make a round mat as its more wasteful on fabric in manufacturing and generally harder to fold up and store. The mats feature a thick padding and water resistant PUL fabric. 

One of the most significant advantages of using play mats for nappy changes is their ability to transform into a portable changing station. These mats often come with foldable or compact designs, allowing them to fit into diaper bags or strollers effortlessly. By having a play mat readily available, parents can easily set up a clean and hygienic space for changing their baby's nappy, regardless of their location.

Play mats offer a cushioned and comfortable surface for your little one, ensuring their comfort during nappy changes, when neccessary on the go or simply when sitting on a hard surface. The soft padding helps protect your baby from any discomfort or irritation while providing a clean and hygienic surface to lie on. Additionally, our play mats feature a waterproof layer, preventing any leaks from seeping through and staining the surface underneath.

Our play mats often are machine-washable or wipeable for some messes, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Apart from nappy changing, or play, our mats can be utilised for a variety of purposes, further enhancing their value. When you're on the go, a play mat can serve as a comfortable surface for your baby to relax or play on during picnics, park visits, or family outings. It acts as a protective layer between your child and the potentially dirty or uneven ground. Moreover, play mats can also be used as a clean space for tummy time, allowing your baby to develop essential motor skills and explore their surroundings safely. They can make a great messy mat for under a kids table at meal or craft times. Use them as a water resistant surface on the lounge when toilet training. They have so many uses and their value will be realised over the years of use.

Play mats are not just for playtime anymore. Their versatility and practicality make them an excellent investment for parents, particularly when it comes to on-the-go cloth nappy changing. With their portable design, comfort, hygiene, easy maintenance, and multi-purpose utility, play mats offer a convenient solution for parents who want to provide their babies with a clean and safe space, no matter where they are. Make the most of these mats, keep one in the boot of the car and another in the house.