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Our newborn cloth nappy range fits from 2-6.5kg

Introducing our line of premium reuseable newborn cloth nappies, designed specifically for the delicate skin of your little one. Made from soft, absorbent materials such as cotton, bamboo, and microfleece, these nappies offer superior comfort and protection for your newborn. With a range of styles available, including trifold, covers, and all-in-ones, you'll find the perfect fit for your baby. Our nappies are also eco-friendly, reducing your environmental impact and saving you money in the long run. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a healthier, more sustainable option for your little one. With easy washing and drying, these cloth nappies are a practical and rewarding choice for any parent.

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  • My favourite bibs. After trying lots of bibs with my eldest I knew that my second kid would only need baby bare! We have the bibs and smocks. The smocks are so good we can do the bath and her in pjs BEFORE dinner! Could not more highly recommend.


  • We've finally found a good fit! I'm so thrilled with these nappies for my tall slim bubba - he's 6 months old but was 7 weeks prem so he's still quite small. We bought a few brands to try and these were by far the best fit. He's a heavy wetter but with the two inserts he can go 3 hours in them with no leaks. No poo blow outs yet either. So happy and I've bought more to build a stash ☺️


  • Perfect nappies I haven't anything but good to say about these nappies! I use the Bare cub AI2 and absolutely love them. The minky ones are my favorite but all the patterns are so gorgeous and look so much better than disposables when a little summer outfit doesn't quite cover my daughter's bum. My favorite thing about these nappies is the hourglass shape of the liners which never leaks now my daughter has turned into a stomach sleeper, other brands which don't offer that extra absorbance leak right through. Also the microfleece layer keeps a nice dry feeling against the skin and unlike other brands the liners stay soft when wet. So far the fit is amazing and comfortable and not too bulky. I wish I could exchange the other popular brand I bought to have all Baby Bares! Thanks for such an amazing little fashionable product.