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Newborn Nappy - Story Book - 50% OFF

  • $12.00
  • $23.95

Australia's easiest AIO newborn nappy!

WHY YOU'LL LOVE THEM: No folding, pinning or extra steps required. Simply pop the nappy under your baby and secure the velcro. Super fast drying, trim fitting and adjustable. The perfect nappy for your newborn baby.

ABSORBENCY: Each All-In-One nappy features super absorbent microfibre and bamboo sewn-in insert for a fast drying, yet great absorbent team. Double gussets help prevent poo explosions so common in young babies. Each nappy can be boosted with bamboo boosters when needed, available here.

FIT: Newborn nappies fit from 2–6.5kg giving you a beautiful fit during those early months with your baby.

FAST DRYING: The fast drying ability of these nappies ensures they don’t need to spend too long on the line and can be returned to use quickly.

The very popular newborn nappies are the same as the previous Peekaboo by Baby Bare NB nappies, now rebranded as a Baby Bare product.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality and price!

These nappies are amazing, I love the quality, fit and how affordable! So adorable

Jason Terry
Round 2

We hired the newborn nappies when our 1st child was born and they were great for our little bub. Super soft and fit our 2.5kg baby nicely. So for our second baby we bought them again, nothing has changed. Love the prints.

Can't wait to use Newborn AIOs with bub #2

I used the Peekaboo OSFM AIO with my first child and they were my most preferred nappy. I always found I was reaching for them over other brands as they were so easy to use, no stuffing required, they dried quickly and the Velcro made them less intimidating to use (which made them very Daddy and Nanny friendly). I knew that when bub #2 arrived, that I wanted to use the Peekaboo Newborn AIOs for these same reasons!! Mine arrived last week and they are the cutest little nappies... I can't wait to put them on my newborn bubba's butt when he/she makes their earthside entrance!!


Great fit, love the double elastic around the legs, love that it's all in one. So easy to use and super cute!

Best newborn nappy

Used these for our daughter born at 3.5kg. They were a comfortable fit for 6-8 weeks. Worth the investment for the smaller nappy because she was drowning in the one size nappies at the start and bigger nappies leaked around her tiny legs. Easy to wash and quick drying even indoors during winter. Great for first time parents, it took me weeks longer to get my head around nappy folds and we were determined to give the disposables a miss at the first sign of nappy rash. Have just bought a few more for the second bub. Highly recommend.