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New to our brand? Interested to experience the amazing quality and fit of our nappies without spending a fortune?

Our trial packs are the perfect starting place. Please choose the best pack for you (choose carefully as due to the significant discount of these packs you can only ever purchase one). A small summary of the different nappy types can be found at the bottom of this page.

Try our 3 signature Baby Bare nappies for $50

  • Bare Cub AIO
  • Bare Cub AI2
  • Teddy AI2 (Side snapping) 

Try just our two front snapping Bare Cub nappies $40

  • Bare Cub AIO
  • Bare Cub AI2

Try two different brands and 6 different nappies $130

  • Bare Cub AIO
  • Bare Cub AI2
  • Teddy AI2 (Side snapping) 
  • Pikapu AIO
  • Pikapu AI2
  • Honey Pot Fitted with Cover.
  • $50 VOUCHER for future purchase over $350 (please email to receive your voucher)

Full OSFM Baby Bare nappy range $90

  • Bare Cub AIO
  • Bare Cub AI2
  • Teddy (Side snapping) 
  • Honey Pot with Cover
  • Night booster to convert your fitted Honey Pot to a night nappy. 



      1. No exchange on trial packs
      2. One trial pack per person. Only one of these packs may be chosen, not one of each pack. If you choose Pack 1 for example you cannot later order Pack 3. This is due to the significantly reduced price of these packs. If you'd like to try other product please order them individually. 
      3. No changes/substitutions to the items included in the packs - packs will be sent exactly as is listed here. Special requests cannot be accommodated. If the pack is unsuitable for you, please consider buying the items individually. 
      4. Print preferences can not be accommodated. Nappies are chosen from overstocked prints. You may ask for 'bright prints', 'geometric' for example, and we will try our best to accomodate this where we can. We will not contact customers who make specific preferences that we cannot fill. By purchasing this deal you accept that it is a trial and the prints/colours can not be specified. If you would like specific prints please purchase the nappies individually.
      5. We try our best to select suitable prints, however if you are particular about colours (for example any presence of pink is deemed girly for a boy or blue not suitable for a girl) we request you order nappies individually. We cannot be responsible for our view of neutral /boy/girl differing from your own. We will not return or refund nappies because you are unhappy with the prints chosen. Our decision on prints in your pack is final.
      6. Packs will include both PUL and Minky nappies. 
      7. Where a second pack is ordered (either in the same order or in the future) this will be removed from the order and the order sent as is. Please ensure you only order one pack. 

 About Each Nappy:

Each nappy offers a difference. Velcro or snaps? Assembly vs No assembly? Rise Snaps or Side Snapping? You can make sense of all these questions and more with this pack which includes:

Baby Bare Bare Cub AI2 - Snap closure, Bamboo absorbency and rise snaps for size adjustment. 

Baby Bare Bare Cub AIO - Snap Closure, No assembly, Rise Snaps for size adjustment, Bamboo and Microfibre absorbency. 

Baby Bare Teddy (Side Snaps) - Side snapping for size adjustment and closure, Two piece system and bamboo absorbency.

Baby Bare Fitted & Cover - A 100% bamboo fitted nappy that is one size fits most, Super absorbent and soft, can be used with a booster for nights (which we are including for you to try). Also includes a cover to make it waterproof.

Pikapu AIO - The easy nappy. Velcro closure, bamboo and microfibre absorbency, fast drying, double gussets and front rise snaps for size adjustment. 

Pikapu AI2 - Bamboo absorbency, Velcro closure, double gussets, front rise snaps for size adjustment.