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Comparing Cloth Nappies at Baby Bare

Comparing Cloth Nappies at Baby Bare

When starting with cloth nappies, one of the biggest decisions you'll make is choosing the right nappy for your baby. This decision is important as it can make it easier to succeed if you make the right choice for your baby and lifestyle.

With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one will work best for you and your little one, but Baby Bare has many different options available to choose from and  we've put together this comparison guide of the six different One Size nappies available , so you can easily understand the features of each and make an informed decision.

  1. Bare Cub All in Two: This nappy is designed with a waterproof cover and snap-in absorbent inserts that can be changed out as needed. Each nappy has an hourglass insert and a bamboo rectangle booster. It's a great option for parents who want to save money and reduce waste by reusing the cover multiple times. You can purchase extra sets of inserts to use with the covers as the covers will also dry extremely quickly. This nappy features rise snaps to adjust the nappy to be different sizes. The draw back of this style is that it needs to be assembled as the three pieces come apart for washing. 

  2. Bare Cub All in One: This nappy is similar to the All in Two, but instead of snap-in inserts, the absorbent layers are sewn into the cover. This makes it a convenient option for parents who don't want to deal with separate inserts and save time by not needing to assemble the nappy. This also means the entire nappy needs to be washed each time and fully dried as one piece.  The Bare Cub All in One also has adjustable rise and waist snaps for a customisable fit. 

  3. Teddy Bare Side Snapping: This nappy features a unique side-snapping design that allows for a secure fit and easy on/off access. The double row of waist snaps allows for adjustability to the legs and waist separately. There are no rise snaps on this nappy. The Teddy Bare comes with a snap-in insert that is long and folds in half into the nappy. 

  4. Koala Pocket Nappy: This nappy has a pocket design that allows you to stuff in as much or as little absorbency as you need. The pocket has an opening at both ends for easy stuffing and insert removal. It features a waterproof PUL outer layer and a soft microfleece lining for comfort. There are hidden snaps in the pocket so it can convert to a snap in nappy giving you the choice to use your snap in inserts from other nappies or any booster/insert from the range. Each nappy comes with a hemp insert and trifold. Like the Bare Cub design the nappy changes from smaller to larger sizes by adjusting the rise snaps. Like the Teddy Bare nappy it has a double row of snaps to adjust the waist and legs similarly. One of the more premiumn features of this nappy is the wide back elastic giving a soft and secure fit. 

  5. Honey Pot Fitted Nappy: This nappy is made of absorbent bamboo fleece and velour fabric. It features a soft velour outer and the insert is lined with bamboo velour as well.The Honey Pot Fitted Nappy requires a separate waterproof cover as its fully absorbent, but it's a great option for parents who want a more natural and breathable option for their baby. 

  6. Honey Pot Double Gusseted Cover: This cover is designed to be used over fitted nappies, like the Honey Pot Fitted Nappy or it can have inserts snap in. It features double gussets around the legs for extra leak protection and a waterproof PUL outer layer. This cover can fit babies of all sizes due to the double waist snaps and rise snaps. 

    Each listing has more information but this quick guide hopefully gives you a starting point to understand the benefits of each nappy.