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Packing your Baby Bag Tips.

Packing your Baby Bag Tips.

When it comes to parenting a baby, having the right equipment can make all the difference. This is especially true when using cloth nappies, as there are a few extra items you'll need to have on hand. In this post, we'll cover the essential baby bag items you'll need when using cloth nappies, including cloth wipes, wet bags, and more.

  1. Cloth nappies

Of course, the most important item you'll need when using cloth nappies is the nappies themselves! It's a good idea to have at least 2-3 nappies in your baby bag, along with any necessary inserts or boosters. Make sure your nappy is alredy assembled and ready to go to make cloth on the go as easy as possible.  

  1. Change mat

When changing your baby's nappy on the go, you'll need a clean, comfortable surface to lay them on, especially when in public change rooms. A portable change mat is the perfect solution. Baby Bare mats will fit perfectly in your baby bag. 

  1. Cloth wipes

Using cloth wipes is a great way to reduce waste and save money. Pack a few cloth wipes in your baby bag, along with a small container of water or a natural wipe solution. You can use the wipes for nappy changes, wiping up spills, and cleaning your baby's face and hands.

  1. Wet bags

Wet bags are essential for storing dirty nappies on the go. We recommend a mini wet bag for each dirty nappy. These are perfect to pop a nappy in and contain wetness and smells.  You'll want to have at least two wet bags in your baby bag: one for storing dirty nappies and one for storing wet wipes and other soiled items.

  1. Baby Bare Bib

If your baby is still in the drooling phase, or starting solids a Baby Bare Bib is a must-have. These bibs are made from super-absorbent bamboo, making them soft, comfortable, and effective at keeping your baby's clothes clean and dry. Always have a couple handy in your bag!

Following this simple guide will make sure you are always well prepared with the help of Baby Bare. We aim to ensure our products are useful and make parenting easier. Cloth nappies can be just as easy as disposable with a tiny bit of extra organisation.