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Australia's easiest newborn nappy!

Each AIO nappy comes with a free matching mini wet bag.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE THEM: No folding, pinning or extra steps required. Simply pop the nappy under your baby and secure the velcro. Super fast drying, trim fitting and adjustable. The perfect nappy for your newborn baby.

ABSORBENCY: Each nappy features super absorbent microfibre and bamboo for a fast drying, yet great absorbent team. Double gussets help prevent poo explosions so common in young babies. Each nappy can be boosted with bamboo boosters when needed, available here.

FIT: Newborn nappies fit from 2–6kg giving you a beautiful fit during those early months with your baby. The fast drying ability of these nappies ensures they don’t need to spend too long on the line and can be returned to use quickly.

Also available in value packs.


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